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    ROLLANT 620.

    High Capacity Baling

    At a glance.

    • 83 in (2.1 m) pick-up for a thorough field clearance
    • Pick-up castor guide wheels ensure optimum ground-contour following
    • Clearly visible pick-up for an optimum crop flow
    ROLLANT 620

    ROLLANT 620.

    High Capacity Baling

    At a glance.

    • 83 in (2.1 m) pick-up for a thorough field clearance
    • Pick-up castor guide wheels ensure optimum ground-contour following
    • Clearly visible pick-up for an optimum crop flow

    ROLLANT 620 RF.

    • Low-maintenance concept and simple handling
    • Better performance, thanks to the new feed rotor
    • Ideal bale size for hay and straw
    • The new roller size makes for a more robust machine
    • Easy to use with the OPERATOR terminal
    ROLLANT 620

    60 in (1.5 m) diameter:

    The ROLLANT 620, available with ROTO FEED, has a 60 in (1.5 m) diameter which speeds up the crop flow.

    17 reinforced rollers

    are at work in the ROLLANT 620. The large diameter of the rollers ensures high output and optimum reliability.

    ROLLANT 620

    ROTO FEED – a new rotor blade arrangement.

    The ROTO FEED ensures a smooth crop flow from the pick-up into the baling chamber.

    The rotor blades of the feed rotor are arranged in dynamic spirals for uniform intake and efficient output with maximum performance. ROTO FEED excels in delicate crops like alfalfa. The spiral arrangement helps protect the crop and produces top-quality forage – with an optimum bale shape, of course.

    ROLLANT 620

    Powered rollers – with a new shape.

    The rollers are powered and have a new shape. This means that the drive system produces ideal bale shapes even in extremely dry harvesting conditions. Another highlight: selfaligning, spring-loaded chain tensioners that guarantee optimum chain tension.

    More robust, greater reliability.

    The 17 steel rollers in the ROLLANT 620 have been improved further, and are now even stronger and more stable. They compress the crop into compact bales that keep their shape, and ensure reliable bale rotation even in very dry harvesting conditions. The new compaction rollers installed at the points in the bale chamber with the highest loading guarantee maximum operational reliability in all conditions.

    Better bale drive, thanks to a new roller shape.

    The ROLLANT models have been processing crops into perfectly shaped bales for many years now. This success is due in part to customisation to the volume of our bale chambers, and in part to the increase in roller diameter in the ROLLANT 620. This leads to a bale drive that is optimally matched to the bale chamber, and to perfectly shaped results in all conditions – whether haylage, hay or straw.

    In great shape with the new net wrapping.

    Whether twine or net, you'll be sure to get everything right with the ROLLANT 620. The new net-wrapping system works more reliably than ever, and saves time – wrapping is fully automatic and takes only a few seconds. The net guidance has been redesigned, and the net brake has been improved. Together, these ensure good wrapping and a better bale shape. The sophisticated net guide allows the net to be applied tightly along the entire width of the bale, and firmly binds the edges as well.

    The alternative: twine tying.

    You can choose between a manual and an automatic twine start. The automatic system starts the process when the final pressure is reached, and the driver is then informed by a buzzer and warning lamp.

    Wrapping and tying always in view.

    Whichever type of binding you choose, you'll always have a clear view of the process. In the ROLLANT 620, the tying system is directly visible even while driving, and you're kept informed about the progress of the operation at all times. A bale counter on the terminal continually informs you about the machine's output. Four LEDs alert you to faults in the tying mechanism, so you can have full control over your ROLLANT at all times.

    ROLLANT 620

    The full picture: the OPERATOR.

    • Automatic tying trip mechanism
    • Netting or twine can be pre-selected
    • Wrapping pressure display
    • Bale counter: bales per day and total number of bales
    • Knife activation

    Flexible response, user-friendly operation.

    In the hectic forage harvesting period, every minute counts. So it's great if you have reliable technology to assist you.

    With the new OPERATOR, you can use one-touch keys to control basic functions from the comfort of the driver's seat.

    Select whether you want to use netting or twine and set the automatic starting function individually. You also have the option of manually interrupting or activating the tying cycle, useful for instance when gathering the end of a swath.

    For even more functionality: OPERATOR.

    Changes of driver and changing harvesting conditions are the norm during harvesting periods. With the OPERATOR, you can programme the baler according to the harvesting conditions prior to use. You can accurately control all the operations taking place behind the tractor during baling and tying. The terminal also provides you with precise information on the number of bales made per day, the total number of bales and the total time taken.